Life Mission Fellowship


Our community participates in and sponsors many efforts to reach the lost and needy in the world. Here are some of our mission projects.

Sweet Memories

Gretchen's creations are love messages to our members. She captures special moments in our lives through her baking. Here is a collection of some of the wonders she has made.

Celebration Nights

We have a blast living together. Life is good! Every Friday we celebrate this life. Games, skits, worship, movies, competitions, name it, we do it (within reason). Come and see our collection of celebration night photos.


Here is a collection of artwork produced by our community members.

Community Out Loud

Community Out Loud is our podcast on living out the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. Here you will find insights into living a life totally committed to God and His people.

Karen Niles Memorial Blog

Karen Niles, an original member and dearest friend, went to be with the Lord on May 1, 2008 - Ascension Day. In this memorial blog we remember and celebrate her life.