Life Mission Fellowship

A Mexico mission trip

Mexico Outreaches

Our community has sponsored mission trips to Mexico for many years. We have always had a love for the Mexican people and have many friends in Mexico.

Students at the Institute of Grace in Haiti


The Institute of Grace is a non-profit ministry providing educational opportunities to poor and underprivileged children in Haiti. The Institute is committed to helping the people of Haiti by bringing them hope and a brighter future through education and charity.


Charis International Charis International is a Christian humanitarian agency, helping needy people the world over.

Started in 1995, Charis aims to raise awareness among fellow Christians of situations where people are suffering, and to raise support to help those working to alleviate it.

South Africa

Mamelodi houses We have partnered with Charis International to send $40,000 to Mamelodi, South Africa. This money was used to build houses that will provide shelter for the poorest of the poor who are now living in dilapidated shacks.

St. John’s Matriculation School


St. John’s Matriculation School began as the vision of Dr. Madasamy Thirumalai and his wife Swarna. Their desire was to see a school established that could provide an education for those too poor to afford what was currently offered at the average school in India. Our community supports St. John's and has had the privilege to visit them.