Life Mission Fellowship

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What is Community?

Community is sharing something in common with others. For Christians that means sharing a common life centered around Jesus. To be a community is not an option for the church because it is by nature a community. The real question is, "What kind of community will it be?"

Man, having suffered the consequences of rebellion, is broken and alienated. Jesus' message is hope for a weary world tired of living in selfishness.

Christian community is about living out the values of God's kingdom expressed by Jesus in His Sermon on the Mount. Simply, it is loving one another and taking liability for each other. It is committing our whole lives and resources to each other under the lordship of Christ.

This is much more than just attending a service.

Two of our members

What Are We?

We are a community of Christians living out the gospel through our commitment to one another and God's kingdom values. Specifically, we are a church that has a number of members living together in intentional community.

Our home consists of several buildings with apartments and dorms where our residential members live. We eat our meals together in a common dining area and share our finances and needs together. In this way we have greater opportunity to support and care for one another.

It is a wonderful experience living with other brothers and sisters in Christ and knowing the love of God in daily life. Community provides the chance to grow and be changed in a loving, accepting environment.

Some children in our academy

What We Do

Our main purpose is to model now the kingdom of God through our values and lifestyle. To that end we cultivate a life together that encourages each of us to serve God and others.

We care for one another's needs, encourage each other to holiness, have fun together, educate and train our children together, and reach out to the hurting and needy.

Practically that means we:

  • Meet together as a church
  • Have our own children's academy
  • Own our own businesses
  • Share our meals together
  • Support and care for one another in daily life
  • Minister to the hurting and needy around us

We believe loving God means having a whole life commitment to Christ, His people, and His work. This is why we live out the gospel in community and dedicate our lives to God's purposes.