Remembering 2019

It’s hard to believe that we are already nearly three months into 2020! This past year marked some significant events for our fellowship; our 30th anniversary and the welcoming of two new members.

In September, our church joyously welcomed Matt and Renee into membership. They had devoted the past five years to focusing on God’s direction and discipleship, through classes, study, and prayer.

 Becoming a member of Life Mission is not to be taken lightly: membership is commitment involving every aspect of our lives. It is commitment to God and His people – for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer. Their membership ceremony was a wonderful night of celebration and fellowship.

This past year also marked our Fellowship’s 30th anniversary since its founding in 1989. God has lovingly guided us every step of the way. We trust Him for our future, looking forward to how He will lead us in the following years as we continue pursuing Christ together.

Happy Memorial Day!

On Monday, our nation remembered all those who have given themselves and their lives to preserve our freedoms and protect our country; we are deeply indebted to these courageous men and women.

Here at Life Mission – blessed with a beautiful, sunny day – we celebrated with our Memorial Day Picnic. After gathering to pray, friends, family, and guests mingled together over hamburgers, hotdogs, BBQ chicken, potato salad, and all the other delectable dishes various members prepared.

After eating, people played badminton and croquet while others fellowshipped around the pool deck, and the kids splashed away in the water. And of course the day wouldn’t be complete without our annual water-balloon toss and water-balloon fight!

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas from all of us at Life Mission Fellowship, and we wish you a Happy New Year! May God continue to work in our lives and yours this coming year.  Here’s to 2019!

Harvest Party

A few weeks ago, we celebrated our annual Harvest Party, complete with a costume contest, food, desserts, games, and humorous skits put on by our members. Our theme for this year was “Works of Art.” We spend many nights in preparation, cutting out decorations, painting props, or coming up with costumes. Finally the anticipated evening came. Everyone enjoyed a splendid night of fun, fellowship, and games.

Click here to watch our skits!

Goodbye, Summer!

Summer has finally come to a close as chilly October weather blows away our humid, 80 degree evenings, and we will miss those warm nights! Over the past few months, our members and guests enjoyed many Celebration Nights out by our pool. Every Friday that the sun shone, we gathered for dinner, fellowship, and games.

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Krell

On September 23, our fellowship celebrated the marriage of Timothy and Cate, two members of our community. Everyone worked tirelessly in preparation of decorations, food, desserts, and all the thousands of little details that go into such a special day.  Blessed with splendid weather, we held both the ceremony and reception outdoors in our back lawn.

Our good friend, Alec Brooks, leads the Elders and Deacons in prayer over the newlyweds.

Solar Eclipse, 2017

On Monday, August 21, many of us gathered outside to watch the greatly anticipated eclipse. Some made eclipse-viewers out of cereal boxes and tinfoil; others laid out paper underneath the trees in order to see the crescent shadows that occur during an eclipse. One of our members discovered that a welding mask could be used to safely view this phenomenon without suffering eye damage. Although the weather in our area was partly cloudy, we still managed to have some good views. The welding mask passed around our little group; Oo‘s and Ah‘s filled the air as each person took a turn to view the sun.

Gathered Together
Using the Welding Mask
The Eclipse
Crescent Shadows
Crescent Shadows

Losing our Marbles

Recently, we put our engineering skills to the test as we constructed marble towers out of cardboard, paper, and boxes. Creativity abounded as teams designed and crafted their various structures; no two were alike! Some teams built freestanding structures and others used chairs, tables, and walls to support their towers.

The Leaning Tower
The Leaning Tower
Where's the marble?
Where’s the marble?
More Tape!
More Tape!
Test run!
Test run!

Two Parties in One

This spring, we had our Annual Bake-Off. Each Family creates a dessert and an accompanying commercial, showcasing their tasty creations.  However, this year’s Bake-Off involved a twist. We combined it with a surprise anniversary party for two of our members, John and Margie, celebrating their twenty years of marriage. We still baked desserts, but instead of our videos advertising our food, each family made a video for Jon and Margie. Some families retold the story of Jon and Margie’s early life together and others described the impact John and Margie have made, including the joys that they bring to our life together. It was a wonderful night of fellowship, celebration, desserts, and games.


Summer of 2016

We spent almost every Celebration Night by the pool this summer–swimming, grilling, and playing badminton. The weather was beautiful (only a few rainy weekends) and the mosquitoes were fairly well-behaved. Or biggest accomplishment  was finessing our Marco Polo skills: an addicting game when played “silently”. Speed and stealth became a necessity!

Waiting for burgers...
Waiting for burgers…
Assembling the burgers.
Assembling the burgers.
Enjoying the water.
Enjoying the water.

Mia the Cat.
Mia the Cat.