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Truth Versus Pietism Chart

In a series of posts I’ve been discussing a concept called, “Truth Versus Pietism”. This is a model of two ways to understand reality. A Truth approach to reality means that reality is seen as an integrated whole created by God. A Pietism approach splits reality into two realms, namely, secular and sacred. The following […]

Truth Versus Pietism Part 4

Franky Schaeffer has a chapter entitled “Truth Versus Pietism” in his book, Sham Pearls for Real Swine. “Truth Versus Pietism” describes two ways to think about reality, basically seeing it either as a unified whole or as split into secular and sacred realms. How we understand the gospel, pursue Christian maturity and engage the world […]

Truth Versus Pietism Part 3

I’ve been writing about Truth Versus Pietism which are two paradigms for understanding reality. A Pietism paradigm splits reality into secular and sacred areas, whereas a Truth paradigm sees all reality as sacred, since it was created by the Lord of reality, God. The consequences that flow from these two views of reality are felt […]

Truth Versus Pietism Part 2

My last post dealt with a concept Franky Schaeffer in Sham Pearls for Real Swine talks about under the title, “Truth Versus Pietism”. The basic idea is that there are two traditions in the church that deal with how to view reality. The “Truth” tradition sees reality as an integrated whole, everything being under the […]

Truth Versus Pietism

One of my top ten books of all time is Franky Schaeffer’s, Sham Pearls for Real Swine. The title of the book is a phrase Winston Churchill coined in reference to the British public school he attended, but Schaeffer applies it to much of the teaching in the church concerning the arts. Once in a […]