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Podcast with Mitchell Foyle-York

Timothy Krell recently re-connected with a friend he made at the Scrutopia Summer School conference a few years ago. Mitch is a convert to Eastern Orthodoxy and invited Tim to discuss what Christian community life practically looks like: how to handle conflicts, politics, and sacrifice. “You can’t solve conflicts without the Holy Spirit.” ~ Tim […]

LMF appears on the Yours Truly Podcast

One of our deacons, Timothy Krell, recently appeared on the Yours Truly podcast hosted by Christian Baxter. Timothy give a brief introduction to our church’s genesis and talks about our approach to liturgy, faith, community, art, technology, and tradition. Some quotes from the video: “Trust comes from your commitment to each other.” “‘What do you […]

The Ring of Truth

The Ring of Truth: Wisdom of Wagner by Sir Roger Scruton takes us on a philosophical and technical journey through Wagner’s masterful tetralogy, The Ring of the Nibelung. Scruton offers us his insights and critique on what has, sadly, become an often undervalued and misjudged opera. It is a story of mythic figures and heroes, […]

Christmas Concert 2022

We had the wonderful opportunity of sharing the Christmas message at Abundant Living in Buena Vista, New Jersey. Pastor Ken and his wife, Kim, have been friends of Life Mission Fellowship for over 25 years. Each Advent Season they graciously invite us to present our Christmas program led by our music director, Jared Barton, and […]

Wagner’s Ring Cycle

Life Mission Training Center recently had the pleasure of hosting a lecture on Richard Wagner delivered by a friend of ours, the knowledgeable Dave Murphy. This was the first of four planned lectures on Wagner’s Ring Cycle (Der Ring des Nibelungen); each lecture will cover one part of the four-part opera. Wagner spent an astonishing […]