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Pumpkin Carving ’07

This year we decided to make our annual Harvest Party a space/science-fiction theme. With the party being only one week away, we made our pumpkin carvings space themed as well so we could use them in the decorations!

We broke up into teams of twos and threes and started carving away. After two hours of steady scooping, cutting, and scraping, we switched off the lights and admired each other’s creations. The pumpkins are currently being stored in our walk-in refrigerator to preserve them for the party.

Everyone was very creative this year, creating rocket ships, Yoda, Darth Vader, aliens, and a moon walking astronaut. A few people created templates before hand to help with their carving. We have scanned a few of these into PDFs for you to download and use on your own pumpkins if you’d like!

Darth Vader Template
Yoda Template
Moon Walker Template
Moon Rover Template

Game Time!

Lately the kids (and some of the adults) have been playing different sports after dinner and before celebration night. This past Friday’s game was football. These are some of the pictures that were taken during the game.