Sarah Harding – Colored Pencil

This is a piece that Sarah did in colored pencil.  The picture is based off of the cover art of a Michael O’Brien book called Strangers and Sojourners. You can find the original piece here.


Pen Drawing – Timothy Krell

This is a drawing that Timothy did using ink brushes. If he had used felt tip or ballpoint pens he would not have been able to achieve the same delicate feel.


Art Class – Mixed Media, Pen

These are several pieces that the Jr. High and High School art class has recently completed. The middle picture is done with pen, and the other pictures are a mix of watercolor and pen.



Jared Barton – Mouse Picture

This is a picture that Jared drew of a mouse raiding a bird feeder. The story is that Mr. Titley (the mouse) is helping a family of squirrels during an acorn shortage. There is a storm coming, and there are two cats prowling around under the bird feeder. Mr. Titley and his nephews (not shown) must hurry if they are to reach the squirrels before the storm hits.


Megan Kobus – Animation Sketches

These are sketches that Megan did of several movie characters. The most challenging part of these sketches was that the subjects are not real people, but animated characters. The characters are Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockheart from the Final Fantasy: Advent Children, and Davy Jones from Pirates of The Caribbean: The Dead Man’s Chest.


Seventh Grade Art Class

This is the first year that Renee Krell, Matthew Krell and Brandon Kobus have been in the Jr. High/High School Art Class. They are learning how to watercolor in this quarter of school. Right now they are focusing on using washes to paint the pictures. Washes are a layer of water laid down on the page with some pigment brushed into the water while it is still wet. The assignment was to watercolor a picture with the subject of God’s creation. Renee chose a colt, Matthew chose a bald eagle, and Brandon chose a kingfisher.

Megan Kobus- Sketches

This is a sketch that Megan had drawn in her sketchbook earlier this year. For art class she has to turn in one sketch a week. Recently she has been concentrating on portrait studies. This one was done in pencil on regular sketch paper.

Timothy- Forest Battle

This is picture that Timothy drew in his sketchbook using colored pencils. He is a big Legend of Zelda fan and came up with this piece of Link fighting a Baku-Baba plant in the Kokiri Forest.

Renee’s Ceramic Candy Shop

Renee is one of our younger artists in the community. She enjoys drawing as well as painting. These are some pictures of a ceramic Candy Shop that she painted earlier in the year. One special thing to pay attention to while looking at these pictures, besides the excellent coloring, is the way that she painted the details. Absolutely superb!

Patrick – Pen Sketches

Patrick is one of our teen artists in the community. He has excelled at using pen and some of his best works are done in pen. His style is playful and he is always coming up with interesting things to draw. These are different sketches from his sketchbook.