Art Class Monochromatic Drawings

Our art classes have been doing monochromatic drawings as of late. The tendency is to think of monochromatic drawings as being pencil or pen drawings – a black medium on white paper. However, monochromatic drawings can also consist of black and white pencil on brown paper, or even white pencil on black paper; which the following drawings all are. The drawings are all arranged by art class, along with a photo of the students in that specific class. You will be amazed at the incredible talent you will see.

First and Third Grade Class ~ Andrew and Leah


andrew-wb.JPG leah-wb.JPG

 Sixth Grade Class ~ Joshua and Derek




Seventh and Eight Grade Class ~ Jordan, Matthew, Brandon and Renee


 jordan-wb.JPG matt-wb.JPG



 Twelfth Grade Class ~ Brittany