Archive for February, 2008

Jared Barton – Mouse Picture

This is a picture that Jared drew of a mouse raiding a bird feeder. The story is that Mr. Titley (the mouse) is helping a family of squirrels during an acorn shortage. There is a storm coming, and there are two cats prowling around under the bird feeder. Mr. Titley and his nephews (not shown) must hurry if they are to reach the squirrels before the storm hits.


Megan Kobus – Animation Sketches

These are sketches that Megan did of several movie characters. The most challenging part of these sketches was that the subjects are not real people, but animated characters. The characters are Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockheart from the Final Fantasy: Advent Children, and Davy Jones from Pirates of The Caribbean: The Dead Man’s Chest.