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"Sunrise" and "Eastern Sun" by Jared Barton

We have two new pieces by Jared for you this time! He titled the first “Sunrise” and the second “Eastern Sun”. Here are some thoughts he had on the creation of “Eastern Sun”.

“The minor key with half step intervals where we don’t normally hear them in western music gives the exotic feel. I chose a more ethnic drum, the clay drum, to give a pressure to the slow guitar work. I picture a sun baked day sitting in an arid landscape under a bare tree for shade. The slowness of the guitar gives the feel of the oppression of the heat.”


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Eastern Sun

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“Eastern Sun”

"Rain" – Guitar Piece by Jared Barton

Here is another guitar piece by Jared. He has been having a lot of fun with his music lately, and we will be posting more of his work over the next week or two. This one is titled “Rain”. He used a double filter effect and the bending of the pitch to create the ethereal feel. The technical use of the hammer on pull off creates the rhythmic momentum.

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