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Brittany Kobus – Poetry

This is a poem that Brittany wrote as a tenth grade English Literature assignment. The assignment was to write a poem that expressed a Christian view of death.

“A Shining Shore”

I heard the voice of God say,
I will come to take thee home today.
You shall be with me,
And you shall be free.

I saw the things of the world,
Slowly slip away.
Dwarfed by a bright, shining shore,
And the dawning of a new day.

I looked beyond the grave,
And the cold, hard stone,
And saw a shining city
And on a silver throne,
I saw my Father coming towards me,
Coming to take me home.

So do not cry for days past,
Or things beyond control,
For we will meet again at last,
On that celestial shore.

-Brittany Kobus

Derek Niles – Tiger Picture

Derek is a budding artist in our community and loves to spend time drawing pictures, usually of animals. This is a picture that he drew in his sketchbook of a Siberian Tiger.

Timothy Krell- Portrait Study

This is a portrait that Timothy did during our community retreat in January. He used a special pencil of wood-less graphite and Bristol pen paper to give the picture a smooth look.