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Megan Kobus – Poetry

This is a poem that Megan wrote as an English assignment depicting a ruinous city on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea.


Grasses weave, waves crash, blue sky overhead
Wheat and flax; gold, blue, red
Stone, half –sunk, buried underground
Colors abound.
Mountains rise, birds call, breezes from the sea;
Olive, Alder, Oak; Ash- the sacred tree.
Foam-tipped waves crash,
Song-sweet melody. Storms lash,
Hawks winging through the sky
Never an eye is dry;
Remembering the glory of this place
Below the mountain’s lofty face;
Where once men stood to destroy
Windy, High-towered, topless, Troy.

-Megan Kobus

Brittany Kobus – Teen Contest Picture

This is a picture that Brittany did for a Teen Media Contest that she will be entering. The contest topic is something that one’s parents have taught them, and that they would like to share with others. Her entry depicts a girl playing a piece of music. She chose this because she appreciates the time and encouragement that her parents have invested in her interest in music.

Timothy Krell – Elf Sketches

These are a few pictures from Timothy’s sketchbook of two girls in elf costumes. He drew these as portrait exercises with pencil from pictures he found on the Internet.