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Poetry by Sam Poat

Sam Poat was inspired to write this poem based on Martin Heidegger: Between Good and Evil—a philosophical biography of Martin Heidegger. Sam used quotes from the book and juxtaposed them with his own thoughts.

    Oh come ye, here, to drink of life far gone and wasted.

To taste of images and shadows of things undone.

To walk in old time, the Adam gone before.

Wait! What hope to bring the “I” to unlimited development?

Say not false gods shattered nor “stifling sultriness” of the mad

leaping over the Big Lie which the liars call “insipid and disgusting”.

Inasmuch as you, will to haste and conquer strong,

these will go away with not impressive posing.

Yeah, the Nietzschean superman, the great vagabond

of rootless life to nail, no, to embrace every justification for

an individualistic ethic.

Love, labored loss in two’s we pair.

Tu mama y mama art the fullest order, yet

papa reeks of “decadence” and has

not nor can see reflections of a rose.

(Rosie O’Donell and Child)

Care not for illusion of transcendental modernity.

Hath the baby no heart, nor thee old know no young?

Care not of talk of spiritual innovation mania nor

personal moods which bow to Self-conceit.

Unbridled despair doth belong to narcissistic indulgence,

perpetuated by the final experience, nay Jasper’s Law.