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Timothy Krell 3d

Timothy Krell has been teaching himself 3d for a couple years, and has created these pictures on his path to understand this complex field. When creating images in 3d, one must first model the object, apply textures to it, set up virtual lights to see what was made, and take a picture of it through a process called rendering. Each of these steps is quite involved and takes a lot of learning and experimentation to get something to look nice. The first two pictures were made with Blender, a free 3d modeling, rendering, and animation package. The last one of the odd glowing contraption was created with Lightwave 3d.

Lisa Krell

Lisa Krell, our art teacher, drew these three pictures in 2002. The eagle and the old building were rendered in pencil, but the frog was produced with pen. In these pictures one can see that, even though they are all monochromatic, there is a distinct difference in style from the pencil drawings to the pen drawing. This is achieved by using different shading methods, but using a different medium will also change the style even though it is still black and white.