Christmas Sparkle Necklaces

Renee designed these two necklaces and earrings because she wanted something sparkly and red for Christmastime! The necklaces are made with glass, acrylic, and metal beads. The clear diamond-shaped pendant (on the second necklace) was fused by Renee using a microwave kiln.


Christmas necklace2

Christmas necklace

Christmas earrings


Leah makes us all smile with her cute and quirky caricatures.

These sketches feature herself, her sister Ellie, her cousin Sammy, and her friend Andrew.


Caricature 2

Leah’s Cross Sculpture

Leah designed and created this gorgeous cross with Super Sculpey. Super Sculpey is a clay that can be shaped and hardened by baking it in an oven. Leah painted the cross with acrylic paint after it was baked.


Leah cross 2

Leah cross

Monochromatic Drawings


These drawings were done by our 3rd and 6th grade art class earlier this year. They are monochromatic drawings using white colored pencil on black construction paper, which is different than most monochromatic drawings that are usually done on white paper with gray or black pencils.

otter bear

Jr. High Fine Art Competition

Every year through GSACS (Garden State Association of Christian Schools) our students participate in a Fine Arts Day with a number of other schools. These are the pieces that were entered for the 2009 Jr. High Fine Arts Competition.







Third Quarter Sketchbook Series

For third quarter in art class, the weekly sketchbook assignment is a little different than normal. Taking some principles from the book Visual Literacy, the class must take an ordinary, everyday object and make it interesting. An example of this would be taking a dinner plate and drawing it as a flying saucer. The object they must draw is assigned, but it is up to each student to think of a way to creatively draw the ordinary object as something extraordinary. For the first assignment, the object was a doorknob; everyone’s drawings were quite ingenious.





Art Class Monochromatic Drawings

Our art classes have been doing monochromatic drawings as of late. The tendency is to think of monochromatic drawings as being pencil or pen drawings – a black medium on white paper. However, monochromatic drawings can also consist of black and white pencil on brown paper, or even white pencil on black paper; which the following drawings all are. The drawings are all arranged by art class, along with a photo of the students in that specific class. You will be amazed at the incredible talent you will see.

First and Third Grade Class ~ Andrew and Leah


andrew-wb.JPG leah-wb.JPG

 Sixth Grade Class ~ Joshua and Derek




Seventh and Eight Grade Class ~ Jordan, Matthew, Brandon and Renee


 jordan-wb.JPG matt-wb.JPG



 Twelfth Grade Class ~ Brittany



The Great Seed Heist – Jared Barton

The Great Seed Heist is a book that Jared has been working on for the past few years. The book tells the story of Tommy the Squirrel, his best friend Harley, and the great adventures that they have together. Throughout the story, Tommy and Harley have many dangerous close encounters; but they eventually get back home after meeting up with a few intriguing characters. Dedicated to Jared’s son Luke, the book abounds with stories that encourage children to learn how to be good neighbors and even better friends. You can read the book by following this link.

squirreltires.jpg squirell.jpg jack1.jpg



First, Third and Fifth Grade Art Classes

For first quarter in Art Class, the kids all learned watercoloring. Because we have a small school, the art classes are sometimes combined. This quarter the first, third, and sixth graders all learned how to watercolor for the first time; using
First Steps Painting Watercolors by Cathy Johnson.

The results were absolutely astounding!

1st Grade



3rd Grade



5th Grade




Renee Krell – Sketchbook Drawings

These two drawings are from a TV Series called Avatar: The Last Airbender, which is an anime cartoon. They were done in colored pencil.