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Audio – More Human

[Audio clip: view full post to listen] Download Mp3 This is a recent message I gave on Christ becoming fully human so we could become more human.

How we live together is worship

Colin Gunton, in The Christian Faith has a chapter on “Christian Community and Human Society” which I have found helpful in understanding the vision and purpose of the church.  He says: “The church is the society whose distinctive way of being in the world – distinctive polity, we might say – is oriented to God… Read more »

Christ is more truly human

Colin Gunton says, “…Jesus is the eternal Word of God in person, yet without being in any way less human than we are; in fact, being more truly human.” Looking around me and seeing how broken mankind is, it gives me hope to see that this brokenness is not reflective of true humanity, but a… Read more »


Reading John D. Zizioulas’ Being As Communion and reflecting on community and the truths we’ve learned over these years about relationships and the nature of the Church, I had this thought about freedom: Freedom is not the ability to choose between different possibilities, but to be capable of communion.

Spirituality Is Entered Into

Audio of post (read by Jared Barton): Get Flash to see this player. With summer comes vacation, a time to change our routines and relax.  But on a recent trip I took I discovered that spirituality is closely connected to routines.  In our community I enjoy spiritually rich routines.  I have personal devotion time in… Read more »

No Being Without Communion

Alert: Brainy ruminations ahead… I’ve been studying Orthodox theology lately, and one of the main concepts talked about is that there is no being without communion. I see some profound implications from that. If being is rooted in will or individuality, then the actualization (expression) of our will (e.g. pursuing our dreams, discovering our gifts,… Read more »

Survivors of the Rwanda Massacre

Alec Brooks, president of Charis International, recently returned from a trip to Africa. As a result, Charis is now working on another project focused on relief efforts in Rwanda. Raped, widowed, and infected with the HIV/AIDS virus, these hardworking victims of the Rwanda genocide long for a chance to support themselves and the 125 children… Read more »

The Gift of Us

Each of God’s children brings a unique gift to the body of Christ.  It is special and uniquely reflects the beauty and mystery of the individual.  It contributes something vital and wonderful.  It may be hard for us to identify what our special gift is, but perhaps that’s because it is wrong to think of… Read more »

What Do You Guys Do?

Here’s my latest answer to that question: We’re living out love and trying to widen that circle wherever we can.

Watchman Nee’s “The Body of Christ”

Watchman Nee wonderfully explains the significance of the Church in his book The Body of Christ: a Reality. He begins by explaining the life that we receive when we have been converted from our old way of selfishness to the new way of Christ. When we are born again, we have a new life in… Read more »