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We’ve been incorporating liturgy in our services these last few months. Only a few of us grew up in churches that used liturgy, so this is something new for us. Reading David Fitch’s book, The Great Giveaway, kind of pushed us over the edge to explore liturgy. We’ve been thinking about it for years, feeling… Read more »


Some books we’re reading these days: Embracing Grace: A Gospel for All of Us by Scot McKnight Cruciformity by Michael J. Gorman Becoming Human by Jean Vanier The Great Giveaway by David E. Fitch Celebration of Discipline by Richard J. Foster Genesis: The Story We Haven’t Heard by Paul Carlton Borgman


We’ve been teaching the boys in our fellowship about competition and good sportsmanship. They all love sports and play enthusiastically whenever they get a chance. Their desire to win, however, can sometimes overshadow the importance of kindness. Good sportsmanship seems to be out of fashion these days and so there are not many examples of… Read more »

Bowling Lessons

I was looking forward to Friday night. Our fellowship was planning a fun time of bowling together. Even though I rarely ever bowled, it would be a nice relaxing evening after a week of busyness and responsibilities. So when we got to the bowling alley, I eagerly awaited for the tranquil feelings to kick in… Read more »

Becoming Human

“To be human is to accept ourselves just as we are, with our own history, and to accept others as they are. To be human means to accept history as it is and to work, without fear, towards greater openness, greater understanding, and a greater love of others. To be human is not to be… Read more »

Sweet Celebrations

Community is about celebrating one another. We enjoy the uniqueness and differences of each member. Gretchen creates these wonderful baked goods that capture that diversity. It is so fun seeing what she’ll come up with next.

Gift Cards

I’ve noticed that gift cards are the “in” present this year. It’s not new, I know. They’ve been gaining popularity for some time. But the gift card is now the ideal present. I actually heard someone interviewed on TV saying, “Who knows what I like better than me? The gift card is the perfect gift.”… Read more »

What is “Living Out the Gospel of the Kingdom”?

“Living Out the Gospel of the Kingdom” is one of the phrases our Fellowship coined to express our mission. No one told us what our mission was. We only discovered it after several years of trying to live a total commitment to Christ, His people and His work in a common purse, intentional community. One… Read more »