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Watchman Nee’s “The Body of Christ”

Watchman Nee wonderfully explains the significance of the Church in his book The Body of Christ: a Reality. He begins by explaining the life that we receive when we have been converted from our old way of selfishness to the new way of Christ. When we are born again, we have a new life in… Read more »

Completed Building Pictures

Here are more pictures for the completed building! Even though there are five families living in five similar floor plans, each one has a unique look. We are all enjoying the different tastes evident in the wall colors, carpets, pictures, and furniture that each family has chosen. The central hallway makes it easy to stop… Read more »

Egg Drop Contest

Over Spring Break, the 4th through 6th grades were led in an egg drop project by our principal, Butch Harding. The task they were given was a three-headed problem. First, they had to make a device that would be capable of protecting an egg from a twenty-three foot drop. Second, they had to make their… Read more »