Monthly Archives: October 2009

Surprised by Hope

I just finished reading, Surprised by Hope: Rethinking Heaven, the Resurrection, and the Mission of the Church, by NT Wright. Wright is a New Testament theologian and currently serves as the Bishop of Durham in the Church of England. What I appreciate about his writing is his ability to “get into the shoes” of first… Read more »

Think, Act, Befriend

“All meaningful knowledge is for the sake of action, and all meaningful action for the sake of friendship.” John Macmurray, The Self as Agent

Who Am I?

I’ve enjoyed reading Joel Green’s Body, Soul, and Human Life.  While I can’t say I fully understand or agree with everything I’ve read, it has been very helpful in connecting the dots of several concepts, particularly, how we are to think about ourselves.  Green makes the case that we shouldn’t see ourselves in a Cartesian… Read more »

Where are you being formed?

“For 1 Peter, then, human life is life on the potter’s wheel, so to speak – being shaped one way or the other, by the ancestral ways expressed in taken-for-granted social conventions, or by the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit and the formative influence of the people of God. Humans act out of their… Read more »

God’s Good – Scarcely Imagined

“Like those who live with life-long disease, humans easily adjust their lives to account for their maladies. The human family can scarcely imagine what the freedom to chose God’s ‘good’ would be, so much has humanity adapted itself to estrangement and alienation.” Joel B. Green, Body, Soul, and Human Life