Lent 4 Prayer

Here’s the prayer and chapter reference we’re using for Lent 4 from Baselia Schlink’s book, You Will Never Be the Same:

Lent 4 (Week of March 22)
You Will Never Be the Same p 124 “Mistrust”

“Father, let us renounce false accusations towards You and our brothers. We know that it is egoism that nourishes our mistrust. We do not want to be respected or popular. We do not want to worry about whether we get a bad deal; we do not want to be involved in ourselves. We want to trust that You will not let anything happen to us that would not be for our good. We want to always think the best of our neighbor and not give way to any mistrustful thoughts again. We thank You that You only have thoughts of love and peace for us, for You have proved Your love. Depart from us Satan, we will have nothing further to do with you and your seductive thoughts. We belong to Jesus, who has won for us a childlike trust in the Father’s love.

“Bless O Lord, this food to our use, and us to Your loving service; and make us ever mindful of the needs of others. Lord, in Your mercy…Hear our prayer.”