Lent 3 Prayer

I mentioned that we were using Basilea Schlink’s book, You Will Never Be the Same, as guide during Lent.  Each chapter focuses on a different sin with Sister Schlink offering counsel, what she describes as a “prescription”, for that sin.  Her penetrating words both convict and cleanse.  Each week we read a different chapter and offer a prayer at our meals that capture the message of her exhortation.  The following is the prayer for Week Three of Lent:

Lent 3 (Week of March 15)
You Will Never Be the Same p 108 “Love of Power: Desire to Dominate”

“Father, let the Holy Spirit show us our desire to rule and let us accept the testimony of our neighbors when they say we make life hard for them by our domineering attitude.  We ask for a repentant heart and godly sorrow for this malicious sin, which is such a strong contrast to Jesus’ humility. We want to stand here by You and from now on choose Your place of humble, meek love.  We want others to rule over us at home and at work, and be subject to them and even give up some of our special positions and privileges.

“Bless O Lord, this food to our use, and us to Your loving service; and make us ever mindful of the needs of others.  Lord, in Your mercy…Hear our prayer.”