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Lent 5 Prayer

Baselia Schlink’s book, You Will Never Be the Same, is continuing to inspire our Lenten journey. This week we take a cue from her chapter on “Disobedience.” After reading through the chapter at dinner today, we’ll continue to meditate on her words at each meal by praying the following prayer: Lent 5 (Week of March… Read more »

Death on a Friday Afternoon

  One of the books I have been enjoying on my journey through Lent is, Death on a Friday Afternoon by Richard John Neuhaus. This book is a meditation on the last words of Jesus from the cross.  Mr. Neuhaus provoked me to think on the concept of Adam and Eve “reaching” for the tree… Read more »

Believe the Truth

“God, help me to believe the truth about myself, no matter how beautiful it may be.” Larry Crabb, Connecting

Lent 4 Prayer

Here’s the prayer and chapter reference we’re using for Lent 4 from Baselia Schlink’s book, You Will Never Be the Same: Lent 4 (Week of March 22) You Will Never Be the Same p 124 “Mistrust” “Father, let us renounce false accusations towards You and our brothers. We know that it is egoism that nourishes… Read more »

The Core Battle

“The core battle in everyone’s life is to relate well to God, to worship him, enjoy him, experience his presence, hear his voice, trust him in everything, always call him good, obey every command (even the hard ones), and hope in him when he seems to disappear.  That’s the battle the community of God is… Read more »

Fasting In Lent

This is a picture of what happens when you fast electronic entertainment for Lent.

Lent 3 Prayer

I mentioned that we were using Basilea Schlink’s book, You Will Never Be the Same, as guide during Lent.  Each chapter focuses on a different sin with Sister Schlink offering counsel, what she describes as a “prescription”, for that sin.  Her penetrating words both convict and cleanse.  Each week we read a different chapter and… Read more »

Lenten Prayers

Each week of Lent we are focusing on a different chapter from Baselia Schlink’s book, You Will Never Be the Same.  On Mondays at dinner we take our meal in silence and then read together a chapter from Baselia’s book.  Through the rest of the week we pray a special prayer for grace at the… Read more »

Why Lent?

“Naive Christians, the kind who want to freely release the goodness within them and trust their hearts to lead them aright, do not want to enter the battle raging in their souls. They have no appetite for identifying and destroying the enemy. Spiritual warfare, they hope, will involve only light skirmishes, never a fight-till-someone-dies conflict.”… Read more »