Monthly Archives: February 2009

True Confessions

One of the disciplines encouraged during Lent is confession, confession of who we really are in order to find Christ.  We learn to embrace the truth about ourselves so we can find the Truth and Life.  According to several dictionaries, three words capture the meaning of confession: acknowledgement (owning to something), admission (allowing access), and… Read more »

Ecclesiology and Mission

David Fitch, in a recent interview, made this statement regarding the mission of the Church: “…the church is the epistemological foundation for doing ministry in the world.” Yes, yes, and YES! Sorry, got a little excited there.

Real Not Ideal

Each year our community has a retreat where we spend even more time (than usual) with each other having fun and developing our relationships. We skied, sledded, watched movies, played games, and, of course, had meetings.  The theme for this year was “Real Not Ideal.”  We started off the weekend by watching, An Ideal Husband… Read more »

Civilization’s greatest need

“The greatest need in modern civilization is the development of communities – true communities where the heart of God is home, where the humble and wise learn to shepherd those on the path behind them, where trusting strugglers lock arms with othes as together they journey on.”  Larry Crabb, Connecting