Monthly Archives: October 2008

Prayer Insights pt. 1

As my last few posts reveal, I’ve been reading David Crump’s book, Knocking on Heaven’s Door. I’ve been enjoying the book and want to share some insights I’ve had while reading it. 1. Prayer’s primary purpose is communion with God. Prayer isn’t just a means to get our needs met. It’s not a heavenly drive-through… Read more »

The Best Answer to Prayer

“The best answer to every prayer is an expanded awareness of how the Father’s unconditional love, experienced here and now as well as anticipated in his eternal promises, is all we require to sustain us through life.”

Knocking on Heaven’s Door

Knocking on Heaven’s Door, besides being a song by Bob Dylan and performed by Guns N’ Roses (and others), is a wonderful book by David Crump on prayer. Probably no other book on prayer has affected my idea and practice of prayer like this book. One of the main points I’ve been taking away from… Read more »