Monthly Archives: June 2008

Reading the Bible Relationally

Reading Robert Webber’s, Ancient-Future Worship, is a inspiration and pleasure. I’m particularly enjoying how he is shaping my approach to the Scriptures. We have a strong emphasis on relationships here (being a community after all) and our theology and practices reflect this. Webber doesn’t disappoint in this regard either: “To stand within the Bible and… Read more »

Forming Community

The following is the answer to an email I received asking about us and how to take steps to form a mission community. I get this question on occasion and so I thought it would be good to post my answer here.Our community began as a number of us were involved in missions. About half… Read more »


Unlocking the door while juggling my laptop and thermos, I wrestled the keys out of the lock and entered our dimly lit office. The morning sun crept through the blinds giving the room a warm, tranquil feeling. Spring was in full bloom which normally would fill the day’s labor with an energy that could mitigate… Read more »