Monthly Archives: December 2007

Membership Has Its Privileges

When American Express coined the advertising phrase, “Membership has its privileges,” they were explaining a fundamental principle that governs human relationships. Privilege should be commensurate to commitment. In other words, a person should be rewarded for her commitment. And conversely, one shouldn’t enjoy special benefits if he is uncommitted. This principle can be captured in… Read more »

Close to You

Mike Mason says in Practicing the Presence of People, “Over the centuries many spiritual books have been written on love, but little has been written on friendship. The reason, I believe, is that church people generally know little about it. Compared to such great concerns as sound doctrine, evangelism, prayer, worship, and ministry, friendship does… Read more »

Building Continues

The renovation of our back building continues. We are currently in the painting stage. Here are a couple panoramic pictures of one of the two-bedroom apartments.