Monthly Archives: November 2007


One of the practices we have in our community is our Friday morning thanksgiving time. The men meet early before work each morning, and on Fridays we take time to tell each other what we’re thankful for. It’s fun hearing from the other men what blesses them and how they’re seeing God’s goodness in their… Read more »

Honesty, Communion, Happiness

Over the years I have seen that the one essential virtue is honesty. Honesty is important because it is what relationships are built on. Honesty creates closeness in a relationship. When someone speaks truthfully it enables you to trust them. You simply can’t have a warm and intimate relationship with someone you don’t trust. Honesty… Read more »

Mission Phrases

In my last post I laid out the biblical story in nine points. This helped give me perspective about the mission of the Church. I’ve also been collecting various phrases from different authors with the same intent, namely, to clarify what is the mission of the Church. Below is what I’ve compiled so far: ‚Äúprefigure… Read more »