Monthly Archives: October 2007

Cosmic History

The following is a nine point summary I’ve been working on of the Biblical story. I’m trying to capture an overall picture of Biblical history and where key doctrinal concepts fit in (listed in parentheses). It’s not perfect or complete, but I’ve found it helpful in thinking through the purpose and mission of the church…. Read more »

Taming The Tube

Trying to create a policy that would enable us to capture and retain the lessons learned from last summer’s TV and electronic entertainment fast was a challenge. We wanted to continue to reap the benefits of having more time for personal development and relationship building, an atmosphere in our midst that spoke of spirituality and… Read more »

Principles for a Policy

Our summer fast from TV and electronic games taught us a lot about ourselves and community. We saw that this medium had a greater hold on us than we would like to admit, and that it could hinder our personal growth and relationships. The fast made us all aware of these things and universally we… Read more »

Blood-Sucking Parasite

Our summer fast from electronic entertainment has been an interesting experiment. One consequence of the fast was to see how much power this medium had over us. Foregoing something you enjoy for a significant time educates you about yourself and your motivations. You learn that you may have overestimated your level of self-control or that… Read more »