Monthly Archives: March 2007

The Church’s Mission Statement

Richard Hays, in his book, “The Moral Vision of the New Testament“, gives a succinct statement that summarizes the mission of the Church: “[T]he New Testament calls the covenant community of God’s people into participation in the cross of Christ in such a way that the death and resurrection of Jesus becomes a paradigm for… Read more »

Fear of Frying

Adam and Eve’s fall from communion to autonomy was a tragic event that haunts us today. As I’ve been thinking about their experience and what we can learn about ourselves from it, it dawned on me that Genesis 3:10 contains in miniature the whole dynamic of the Fall. I call that dynamic, “Fear of Frying”,… Read more »

Faith in Fig Leaves (Audio)

I recently gave a message entitled, “Faith in Fig Leaves”. The message uses the chart from my last post as an outline. The pdf version of the chart is a little easier to follow. Get Flash to see this player. Right click the link to download the mp3.faithinfigleaves.mp3