Monthly Archives: February 2007

Faith in Fig Leaves

We’ve been thinking a lot about Truth versus Pietism these last several weeks. One of the interesting insights has been how the rejection of truth goes right back to Adam and Eve’s experience in the Garden. It seems appropriate during this season of Lent to think about the Fall and how that dynamic is still… Read more »

Sacred Spaces

Right before the Super Bowl, my son and I were discussing the “Truth versus Pietism” material I’ve been blogging about. He began sharing some interesting insights on sacred places. So I’d proudly like to introduce as my first guest blogger, my son, Timothy Krell: A few days before Super Bowl Sunday, the idea of people… Read more »

Looking and Feeling Spiritual

Adam and Eve chose to believe that the truth of heaven was different than the truth of earth. In doing so, they became the world’s first pietists. Pietists divide reality into two realms: sacred and secular. They see life divided into compartments, some spiritual and others not. This kind of thinking causes them to confront… Read more »