Monthly Archives: September 2006

Are You a Good Monster?

When my son announced he wanted to order the new Jars of Clay album I was really excited. I love their music. They are excellent artists and deeply committed to living out the Good News. When he told me what the title of the album was (Good Monsters), I was looking forward to it even… Read more »

Dealing with difficult matters

“And so the first concrete thing Christians can do is simply be with each other convivially in conversation and prayer, cultivating relationships within which there eventually develops a space for talking about difficult matters like sickness, frailty, and death.” Joel Shuman and Brian Volck, M. D., Reclaiming the Body, pg. 137-138

Ten Reasons to Live in Community

1. God told you to. Knowing that God has led you to this kind of life and these particular people is the most compelling reason to live in community. Following the leading of God is the most joyous thing we could ever do. Trust and obey, for there is no other way, to be happy… Read more »