Monthly Archives: June 2006

The Importance of Art

It all started when I married an artist. My family wasn’t particularly devoted to the arts, although my dad is an incredible craftsman, and in the last twenty years has become a stained glass artist in his own right. So, when I looked outside I used to see a blue sky, brown earth and green… Read more »

Wrong Doesn’t Equal Bad

I tilted the paper cup as far as I could to get the last drops of the Earl Grey tea. I had been reading an article by Blair Adams entitled, Two Powers, Two Kingdoms, Two Worlds at the local Panera Bread. Monday mornings I spend reading, reflecting and praying, usually at Panera. One thing I… Read more »


As I mentioned in a past post, we’ve been reading Richard Foster’s book, Celebration of Discipline. This is a Christian classic. We’re reading through it together in our Sunday service. We’ll often go through a book together on Sundays. We take turns reading and stop to discuss the material. It really helps to do it… Read more »


We’ve been incorporating liturgy in our services these last few months. Only a few of us grew up in churches that used liturgy, so this is something new for us. Reading David Fitch’s book, The Great Giveaway, kind of pushed us over the edge to explore liturgy. We’ve been thinking about it for years, feeling… Read more »